Gong relaxation concert - January 10


Gong Relaxation Concert with Mateusz Krawiec

Just lay down and relax to the sound of Gong.

Merge yourself in true nature harmonics. Deep relaxation with Gong and Tibetan bowls overtones and healing vibrations. An inner Journey through grounding sounds.

Receiving Gong Bath is proven to have rejuvenating effect on Body and Nervous system. Since it affects the brainwaves to shift it's a free ride to meditation state without effort.

We will be laying down on double layer of yogamats and soft blankets. Bring warm socks and your favorite sweater to stay warm and cosy.

No skills required.

** Friday January 10th**
** kl.18.00-19.30, 90 minutes
** Yogashakti Högbergsgatan 30A

** Price: 300 SEK
(250 SEK if you have a card at Yogashakti)
** Register with name and phone number to info@yogashakti.se
** Pay workshop fee to BG: 271-8203